With Special Guest of Honor costumer—Miss Janet Wilson Anderson

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Volunteers Wanted!

Going into this venture, the Executive Committee needs folks like you to lend a hand. We are taking Costume-Con into "virgin territory" this time around, in great hope of expanidng the world of costuming to a new demographic. So we are looking for you, the membership, to help make this work. First of all, we need promotion agents to help us get the word out. If you are attending an event (SF con, Historical Reenactment, sewing event) ANYWHERE, and can take Costume-con 33 flyers, please touch base with us. Please remember to give us plenty of notice for printing and shipping purposes.

Concom Wanted

Secondly, we are in the beginning stages of filling in our concom. There are plenty of positions to be filled in many areas. We would like to thank Carole Parker for stepping up and taking over our "Future Fashion Folio" as well as helping our Vice Chair/Publications department head, Dora Buck, with the task of creating our program book. And Lisa Ashton for agreeing to chair the Programming sub-commmittee.