In a nutshell, a guest relations manager—also frequently referred to as a guest relations coordinator or guest relations specialist—is tasked with a wide variety of responsibilities, including:

Guest relations managers primarily work for hotels, but they can work in any industry where guest experiences are at the top of the list, including cruise ships, theme parks, and spas.

If you have excellent customer service skills and an intuitive knack for keeping guests happy, a career as a guest relations manager might be for you.

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What Is a Guest Relations Manager?

Guest relations managers are often the first point of contact when guests arrive at a hotel. It’s essential to make a great first impression and help clients feel comfortable during their stay. For this reason, guest relations managers need a commitment to customer service, strong interpersonal skills, the ability to manage others, and the ability to uphold a hotel’s image.

What Does a Guest Relations Manager Do?

Guest relations managers are tasked with a wide variety of duties. Some, but not all, of these duties include:

What Education Does a Guest Relations Manager Need?

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Many guest relations managers hold a bachelor’s degree in management, though most will pursue more advanced and specialized education, attaining master’s degrees in business administration (MBA) or management and leadership. In these types of degree programs you will gain valuable experience in business, understanding budgets, marketing, communication, and leadership. As a guest relations manager you will often work with other employees to help create a positive atmosphere at your hotel and resort, so an advanced degree can be key in helping you be prepared for this role. However, this largely depends on each employer’s requirements and competition in the specific field. Zippia reports that 10.7% of guest relations managers have master’s degrees.

In addition to education, most employers look for proven work experience as a guest relations manager, hotel manager, or similar roles in the hospitality industry. You’ll also need experience with quality standards, the industry’s latest trends, guest relationship management software, a high level of responsibility, and the ability to work flexible hours.