st. phillips church, charleston sc

o you’re thinking and looking for reasons to visit Charleston, SC but you’re not 100% sure…is that right? If that’s the case, we came up with seven reasons why you should visit Charleston.

1.) Amazing Tours & Attractions

Charleston has some amazing tours, attractions and historic sites to checkout. We recommend visiting our tours page to see what’s available. Another great option that’ll save you money and the hassle of figuring out what to do is to purchase a Tour Pass which also includes an easy to use Mobile Pass. Below you’ll find our top-rated must do tours/attractions:

2.) Culture

Charleston is known for it’s easy-going Southern laid back style. Everything from sweet tea, seersucker suits and patterns to shrimping and boating on the local rivers and waterways are what makes Charleston unique.

3.) Food

Charleston is known world-wide for amazing local Some James Beard Award Winning Chefs and restaurants hail from the Charleston region along with some top recommendations.

4.). Events

When Covid isn’t present, Charleston is known for some amazing events and people travel from all over the world. Here are the “can’t miss” top events in the city:

5.) Shopping

King Street is where it’s at when it comes to the mecca of Charleston shopping. For local Vendors the City Market is worth visiting as well.

6.) Nightlife

There are plenty of amazing nightlife locales in the Charleston area such as Upper King Street (above Marion Square) to Shem Creek and Folly Beach.

Breweries: Charleston is home to over 30 amazing breweries now! We recommend visiting a few when you’re in town. Checkout or download the Brew Hop Pass app, which is free to download. If you want to redeem some of their free beer offers you can simply subscribe…if you’d rather pay full price you can as well.

7.) Beaches

There are three public beaches in Charleston that include: