Oct 01

Sunday Cotillion

It Just Wouldn’t Be Southern without a Sunday Cotillion

So just for fun, we decided to keep with tradition. Not only will we have the regular events such as the Friday Night Social, both Sci-Fi/Fantasy & Historical Masquerades, Doll competition, etc., but we’re also working on our very special “Sunday Brunch and Cotillion”.

What is a cotillion you may ask? Historically families hosted grand balls in their homes to introduce their daughters. Many older homes in the south have ballrooms. However, over time the tradition developed where country clubs and other organizations took over the growing responsibility of not only hosting the party, but preparing the young girls in a social education (called a Finishing School) and also attracting the young gentleman to whom they would be introduced.

So Ladies dawn those hoop skirts, hats, white gloves and parasols, and gentlemen your finest military uniform or linen suit, and join us for Sunday morning brunch. Oh but wait! Our cotillion will be definitely slightly different in the manner that ours will not be introducing young ladies and their social graces. Ours will be for the promotion the art of creativity in costuming as one of its main features will be a special competition titled Miss Ellen’s Portieres, created and directed by Co-Chair Rob Himmelsbach.

Our current plan is to work with the hotel catering staff to put on a light Sunday Brunch as part of the Cotillion. Members who would like to enjoy the brunch at this event will be required to purchase a meal ticket for a small TBD(to be determined) fee. Tickets for the meal will be made available at Con Registration at time of check in as well as at the door on Sunday morning prior to the beginning of the event. There will also be an area of theater style seating made available for those who would like to attend the event without partaking of brunch that will not require the additional meal ticket.