Dec 11

Single Pattern Competition

Elaine M.The Single Pattern Competition: Under the direction of Elaine Mami of the Southwest Costumers Guild  will also take place during the Social.  All the pattern choices are available through Folkwear at their website

The competition is prejudged and judging will take place Friday afternoon of the convention. A panel of judges will examine the garments for creativity, workmanship, use of materials and overall concept. The garment must be made using one of the following patterns, and the overall silhouette must be recognizable as derived from one of those patterns. The Costume-Con 33 Single pattern competition director and selection committee has chosen the following Folkwear patterns.

Metro Suit

 #268 Metropolitan Suit

The 1914 Metropolitan Suit reflects the military styling of World War I uniforms, as well as the mid-1910s interest in comfortable and practical two-piece garments. The Jacket features a tall rollover collar with either a curved or pointed center back, gently pointed center back hem, softly flared silhouette, and turn-back cuffs. The front closes with ornamental frogs. Soutache or other ornamental braid in military design motifs create an accurate period look, but contemporary designs in ribbon or braid trim are attractive too.

The Skirt is slightly hobbled, with a raised waistline and a slit at center back for ease of walking. The Overskirt attaches to the skirt at the top edge and drapes attractively at the back hem. The front folds of the Overskirt can be decoratively topstitched to the Skirt from the waist edge down to the hip area, if desired. If worn without the Jacket, the Skirt can be further embellished with buttons down the front folds of the Overskirt, or with suspenders crossed in the back, or with belt loops and belt at the natural waistline.


Monte Carlo 1 Monte Carlo 2.gif

#264 Monte Carlo Dress


A sleek slip dress in the 1920s “flapper” style, with two coordinating tunic tops for a versatile ensemble of garments. Drop-waist dress with narrow straps and shaped handkerchief hem can be beautifully ornamented with the vintage design motifs for embroidery or beadwork included in the pattern. Simple-sew pullover and crossover tunic tops can be worn facing front or back, belted or not.


Le Smoking Jacket


#238 Le Smoking Jacket

Smoking jackets symbolized sophistication during the 1920s and 1930s, both on the silver screen and in real life. Our classy version features contrasting or quilted lapels, cuffs, and pocket trim. Pattern includes instructions for women’s knitted tank top to wear underneath.

Vintage Vests



#222 Vintage Vests

Victorian gentlemen at the end of the 1800s needed a vest or waistcoat to be considered well-dressed and smart Victorian women often paired vests with walking skirts for street wear. Our vests offer a variety of styling, including collarless V-neck, bias-cut vest with shawl collar, and short front-darted style. Traditional bow tie, with instructions for tying, is also included.


You may create or modify any of these patterns to your own taste, i.e. you can make the pattern into something Steampunk style if you so choose, or you can go for historical accuracy and provide documentation. (Note that you must be a member of the convention to be in the show).