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Feb 23

Harassment Policy

CostumeCon 33′s harassment policy can be found on the main menu. Or read it here.

Feb 23

Historic Masquerade entry form added

Historic Masquerade Rules has been updated with Historical Masquerade entry form. Or you can download here: Historic Masquerade entry form

Jan 07

Future Fashion Show Rules

How to reserve a Design for the Future Fashion Show: Once the Folio has been “published” (see Future Fashion Folio Rules) the next step is the Fashion Show. All attendees are encouraged to look through the Folio several times and select a design (or several) that you’d like to re-create. Designers may exclusively reserve their …

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Jan 07

Doll Costume Contest Rules

Dress a human or alien doll in the garments of your dreams! Competition Rules: You may submit a human or alien doll, or a costumed creature. A purchased figure, such as a Barbie(R) doll or Breyer(TM) horse, or a personally crafted figure may be entered. There will be separate judging categories for purchased figures embellised …

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Aug 11

Science Fiction and Fantasy Masquerade Information

We encourage members of Costume-Con to show their fellow fans their costumes on stage and, if they wish to do so, compete for awards from our judges.  No experience is needed; we’ll show you the ropes and help you on and off stage.  There will be experienced judges to review entries on stage and, optionally, …

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Aug 10

Future Fashion Folio Rules

Future Fashion Folio Contest – Updated by Carole Parker The Future Fashion Folio (FFF) is a design contest open to anyone with an interest in designing future or speculative fashions. No membership in anything is required to enter. This is your chance to speculate on what future peoples and species might wear. The only limit …

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Jul 15

Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt Contest

by Elaine Sims I’m pleased to announce the details of the Bobby Gear Memorial Quilt Contest that will take place at Costume-Con 33. It’s not too early to start planning now! Guidelines There is no minimum size; Maximum size is twin-size, or height plus width totaling no more than approximately 160 inches. Any shape is …

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Jun 24

Historic Masquerade Rules

Costume-Con 33 Historic Masquerade Historic Masquerade entry form The Historic Masquerade is more than just a costume competition. It is an opportunity for research and applied scholarship. It is also recognizes creativity, workmanship and stage presentation. All cultures, locales and historical eras are eligible to compete in the Historical Masquerade. Like all competitions, this one …

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Dec 11

Single Pattern Competition

Elaine M.

The Single Pattern Competition: Under the direction of Elaine Mami of the Southwest Costumers Guild  will also take place during the Social.  All the pattern choices are available through Folkwear at their website The competition is prejudged and judging will take place Friday afternoon of the convention. A panel of judges will examine the …

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Oct 01

“Miss Ellen’s Portieres” Competition


What is the “Miss Ellen’s Portieres” Competition? In Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone with the Wind, the protagonist Scarlett O’Hara makes a new dress from her mother’s green velvet portieres. Although the term is used incorrectly in the movie. The characters are talking about green velvet window curtains while portieres are so named because they hang …

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