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Responsive Web Design Is Essential

web design mockupWith so much emphasis on the digital world and the ever expanding mobile device market, it has frequently become important for businesses to not only have an engaging website but one that works on all platforms. In the simplest of terms, responsive web design refers to a web page that will automatically reconfigure itself to adjust to the platform an end user is using. This means that the web page will look great and be simple to use whether the individual is a large, state of the art desktop or a tiny smartphone using any one of hundreds of mobile browsing technology.

Why is this better than simply having different sites developed for desktop/laptop use and mobile use?

Responsive web design is a type of design which optimally fits in every device to create a hassle-free viewing, reading, and navigating experience for users without much need for resizing, scrolling, or panning across various devices. Therefore the focus is on multi- platform usability of a website which offers to view experience to the user over many devices and screen sizes. Any site coded with responsive properties adapts the layout to the device that is viewing the website.

Responsive web design is not a completely fresh idea – it is doing rounds for a few years now. And, if you have ignored the value of responsive web design and your business is yet not taking advantage of this flexible web design solution, chances are you are in danger of going out of business pretty soon. Obviously, this should be of no concern to you if your business is, in no way, dependent on a website and also, if you have an alternate mobile strategy in place. But, if your business is solely or majorly dependent on its website, you seriously need to think and implement responsive web design as soon as possible. Below are seven ways in which responsive web design services can help your business:

  1. Better user experience: The whole game in the competitive world is to provide better user experience to the customers and prospects to retain and convert them into real customers. Responsive web designs will help you in providing a positive user experience which will eventually lead to enhanced sales and profits.
  2. SEO advantage: As responsive web design implies using one website as the main source instead of building different websites on different URLs for different devices, implementing responsive web design will improve your SEO rankings.
  3. Future is mobile: Non-mobile strategy is the riskiest thing if you plan to survive online in today’s market. Focus on mobile as it is the future, so much so that many websites plan to become an all-mobile platform. While this too might be risky for your business, the point is you cannot ignore the large population that is coming online to view your website via mobile.
  4. Saves money: Sure, by this time, you might be seriously thinking of including mobile web design in your online strategy. With responsive website development, you need not create multiple web designs but only maintain a single website across various channels. Thus, much money can be saved through the course and time can be saved as you can make changes and build pages faster.
  5. No duplicate content penalties: If you have multiple version of your website, chances are you would have similar/ same content across them, if obviously, you come up with unique content for all of them, which means wasting more time, talent, and efforts. If you have a responsive web design that runs across all devices, you can have same content under the same URL without running the risk of copied content penalties by search engines.
  6. Offline browsing: Most of the tablets and smartphones are HTML5 enabled, which means users can browse web pages offline too if they have saved them for offline reading. Thus, it’s a good idea to go mobile and present your users more contact time with your site while they are on the move and are without an internet connection.
  7. Technologically forward: While we talk about how a responsive web design company can help you in saving money, efforts, and time while keeping you ahead of your competitors, let us tell you responsive web design can help you look tech-friendly and cool. If you are up to date and are using latest technologies, it shows you are modern and sophisticated, which will also show in your products and services.

There is a company located in Greenville, SC that we heard about recently – Charlotte SEO of Greenville. They make responsive WordPress websites for all of their clients. If you would like to see more information about that company, check them out on one of the following websites:

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