Oct 01

“Miss Ellen’s Portieres” Competition

What is the “Miss Ellen’s Portieres” Competition?

In Margaret Mitchell’s novel, Gone with the Wind, the protagonist Scarlett O’Hara makes a new dress from her mother’s green velvet portieres. Although the term is used incorrectly in the movie. The characters are talking about green velvet window curtains while portieres are so named because they hang in doorways. (the scene was famously parodied on The Carol Burnett Show when Carol Burnett, playing the role of Scarlet, wore not only the fabric but the curtain rod as well).

The competition “Miss Ellen’s Portieres” (loosely based on “Gone With The Wind”), will involve contestants taking a single set of “Dollar Store” or “Thrift store” draperies and coming up with a dress or other costume as creative as Scarlett O’Hara was with hers, or even do as Maria did with her children’s play clothes in “The Sound of Music

Take the challenge and see just how creative you can be.

Portieres Competition Rules


For further information, send email to Miss Ellen’s Portieres