Aug 10

Future Fashion Folio Rules

Future Fashion Folio Contest – Updated

by Carole Parker

The Future Fashion Folio (FFF) is a design contest open to anyone with an interest in designing future or speculative fashions. No membership in anything is required to enter. This is your chance to speculate on what future peoples and species might wear. The only limit on what you can do is that it has to be rated PG-13, since the Future Fashion Show that will come out of these designs is going to be in front of a family audience. Yes, you can do lingerie as long as it meets the PG-13 rating. Your design can be for ceremonial, survival, casual, formal, or whatever you want it to be uses. If it is something that can be worn, it is fair game as long as it is PG-13 rated.

Download FFF Rules (PDF)

Special Categories
For those seeking extra inspiration, check the Special Categories at the end of these rules. Entry in these categories is optional; everyone is encouraged to submit designs. You can submit additional designs as well as Special Category design(s).

Design Uses

By submitting your design to Costume-Con 33, you agree to the non-profit use and publication of your design by Costume-Con 33, and possibly future Costume-Cons. This use includes reproduction in the FFF and appearing in the Future Fashion Show. Publication can happen before and during the convention. Your designs may appear in Costume-Con 33 promotional materials, and may include publication on the website (with permission) with a picture of the completed design next to it. Design rights revert to the designer after the last day of the convention.

FFF Process

All designs are reviewed by a jury, with the selected designs collected, and then published as the FFF. All designers that submitted designs plus all Costume-Con 33 members will receive a PDF copy of the FFF. Other distribution methods are being researched, and further information will be published when confirmed.

Submissions that do not follow these rules will be rejected and not eligible for publication in the FFF.

Designer Reserve

Designers are not required to make the garments that they submit for the FFF. However, designers have the option of requesting the exclusive right to produce their design and show it in the Future Fashion Show by reserving it. This is only done when the designer is going to be at the particular Costume-Con and will be participating in the Future Fashion Show. If you do not mind someone else making your design, please do not mark it as reserved.

Design Rules

  1. All designs must be original ideas. Taking a known design, making a few minor changes, and giving the design a new title, does not qualify as an original design.
  2. Designs can be on a traced figure, such as those provided at:
    or similar, but can also be original drawings/illustrations if desired.
  3. A previously published design in a previous Future Fashion Folio that was not made for the Future Fashion Show for that year, or any other competition since, can be re-entered in this year’s competition. It will be judged like any other entry.
  4. If someone else draws or illustrates your image, please give them credit with a line like “Design drawn by Y.”
  5. All designs must be done as a clean, plain black on white line image. No shading. No special effects.
  6. An optional color image may be provided as well as the plain black and white image.
  7. An optional animation limited to a maximum of 30 seconds that shows all views of the garment may be provided along with the still black on white line image.
  8. If the optional color image is hand drawn and mailed, it must not smudge, stick, or flake off when scanned.
  9. Do not send original artwork if you send a hard copy. You will not get it back.
  10. All designs must be of a size to fit on an 8.5 x 11 inch or A4 sheet of paper if printed out.
  11. Electronic images must be at least 400 dpi. Higher resolution images may be reduced to allow for file size considerations.
  12. You may enter as many designs as you wish as often as you wish by the deadline of November 15, 2014.
  13. Hard copy submissions must be received by October 31, 2014 to allow additional time for scanning of images.
  14. Acceptable electronic graphic formats include JPEG, GIF, PNG, and BMP.
  15. Indicate which category your design should go under. Categories have previously included, but are not limited to: sports wear, ceremonial wear, lingerie, formal, etc. Feel free to suggest a category you think appropriate. If you are entering a special category, then the name of the special category.
  16. Indicate any descriptive text that will help someone trying to make your design. This can include fabric suggestions and colors.

Electronic Submissions

This is the preferred method for submission. E-mail to

  1. One design per e-mail.
  2. Each e-mail needs to have:
    Subject line: YourName design #X
    •If you submit multiple designs, then number them “X of Y,” so we know we
    are not receiving duplicates.
    •If you submit color images of a design, then number it “X color” or “X of
    Y color.”
  3. In the body of the e-mail:
    Your Name – Yes, it is in the subject line, but this makes it less likely that something will go wrong.
    Your Phone Number – In the unlikely event that we need to contact you quickly.
    The fashion name of your design if you have one, but it is not required.
  4. Your image as an attachment. Do not embed your image in the e-mail.
  5. For those submitting animations, please send the URL where your animation can be found, or consider sending a CD.

CD Submissions

For each design, a separate text or rtf file and image file is required for each individual design. Use the same content and labeling as used for e-mail submissions. Write your name on the physical CD.

Hard Copy Submissions

Your name and phone number must be clearly marked on the back of every design sheet submitted with the same numbering scheme as described for e-mail. Put any design description or special information on a separate sheet of paper.

Snail mail CD or hard copy designs to:

Carole Parker
630 Barnsley Way
Sunnyvale, CA 94087-3421

Special Category: Planetary Hospitality

In Japan, they have special kimono worn when entertaining company, designed to modestly show off one’s wealth, status, and sometimes, your power. Other cultures have separate business and at home wear. What would your culture wear as hospitality clothing? What would someone in the hospitality industry wear for your future or planet?

Special Category: Scroungers and Scoundrels

Pirates and buccaneers were scroungers. Despite the movie images, they were not always pretty. What will the scroungers and scoundrels of your future or planet look like? For example, what would they look like if WWIII happened?

Special Category: Not the Belle

Not everyone can be the belle of the ball. What does your attractive socialite but non belle wear?