Jan 07

Future Fashion Show Rules

How to reserve a Design for the Future Fashion Show:

Once the Folio has been “published” (see Future Fashion Folio Rules) the next step is the Fashion Show. All attendees are encouraged to look through the Folio several times and select a design (or several) that you’d like to re-create.

Designers may exclusively reserve their own designs but all other designs (including those not exclusively reserved by the designer) will be available for multiple reservations.  It’s great to have a wide-variety of designs re-created but it’s also fun to see different interpretations of the same design.  And even though we will allow multiples the director still needs to know you’re coming to plan a fabulous show!

Entries will be accepted until April 30, 2015.  Entrants are asked to please check in with the folio director upon arrival at the convention.

General “rules”:

  • All participants must attend a rehearsal at the convention.
  • Participants may re-create as many designs as they like, but each person can only appear on stage once, so you must find models for the other costumes.
  • If you choose to participate you are responsible for making the costume you select, finding a model (if you choose not to model it yourself) and transportation to the convention.
  • You must be an attending member of Costume-Con 33 to participate in the fashion show.
  • All models must also be attending members of Costume-Con 33.

Please reserve your design(s) by emailing your choice (please include page number) along with your name and preferred email address to:


You may also snail-mail that information – please email for address.